27 February 2021

Ogre BB Team


So.... my upload schedule plan kinda failed.... My camera died. Tried to use my phone, but I was not happy with the results. I was looking at getting a new one, but I only randomly bit the bullet last Saturday. I grabbed a SONY α6000 which had a substantial discount. Thing was, I was looking for a replacement fountain pen... 

Anyway... Ogres...

This is the new BB Ogre team with two of the BB single Ogres 

The scheme for them is very different from the other schemes I have done for the other teams.

The Ogres have a lot more detail on them, mainly because you can see them much easier on the field.

I forgot to take photos of the dice, coins and the 3d logos for the team. Will do so and post them later.


English Pillock

12 June 2019

Nurgle Blood Bowl Team


  Here is my Nurgle Team. Gloriously draped in a pinkish-purple and a subdued green. I was also playing around with Nurlge's Rot and trying out different skin tones on the Nurgle Blockers.

  The box is pretty good. 4 Blockers, 2 Pestigors and 6 Rotters. It is not quite the best fit for the team but it is passable. More Pestigors and Rotters are needed for more flexibility in starting team builds though. In the box you have 4 Blockers, 2 Pestigors, 6 Rotters and 2 Re-Rolls.

 Blockers I, II, III and IV. Apologies for the asscracks....

The Pestigors. Uglier and Terrifyingly Gross. They kind of grew into their names...
 Mayhaps I used a little too much Nurgle's Rot on these two...

 The Rotters. An unlucky bunch of targets...

 The markers and coins. A liberal use of Nurgle's Rot on these as well....

  These were really quick to paint to be honest. It was also the first time I have used Nurgle's Rot. It is one of the more fun Technical paints to use and also one of the easiest ones to figure out what it looks like while you are still painting it.


English Pillock

04 June 2019

Blood Bowl Chaos Chosen


 It has been a long time, but I have not been idle. Very much not idle.....

 Here is a start to what I hope to be a prolific resurgence of posts. The next dozen or so should just be about my Blood bowl teams. They are all based around a simple colour combination to unify them as a modern sports team would be.

 The basic colour scheme is orange, brown, black with silver and brass armour. All GW paints, some getting on to be ancient, some will likely disappear soon.

 Icons for the Chaos Chosen and BB coins.
 The 4 Chaos Blockers, who don't have block... because reasons... Numbered I, II, III and IV.

 The first four goat people. I used a variety of different skin tones on the goat people as in the fluff they are meant to be mutated from human stock. Numbered V, VI, VII and VIII.

 The latter four goat people. Numbered IX, X, XI and XII.
  The first 12 miniatures are all contained in the plastic team box from GW. You get some variant heads and the build is pretty much what you would want for a starting Chaos Chosen Team.

  Then I went a bit silly and bought the Minotaur Big Guy from Forge World. The miniature was really easy to put together, but it did require the gluing of a coin to the bottom of it as there is a hell of a lean in the pose.
  He is numbered XVI, but that is mainly because he is unlikely to be used in a regular game as Minotaurs, while fun, are not as predictable as people would like.

  I do have the dice as well, but they are currently at work. I Will do a separate post about them soon-ish.
  I hope that this will do as a re-entry into blogging again. I am going to set up a better photo booth and play around with my camera functions a bit more to hopefully take better photos.


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07 December 2014

Syndicate Vessels: Raphael and Donatello


I have been rather busy recently with work and so on, but here is some of my recent efforts.

This is the Phantom and the Spur from the Syndicate Traders League of the Marauders Faction from the Firestorm Armada game. Here is the Donatello and the Raphael. 

These were a lot of fun to paint and go to town with the insignia and the different logos upon the vessels. I can't wait for the other ships in the fleet become available.

Comments are welcome, as always.


English Pillock