24 January 2011

Lord Carver


Here is the latest miniature that I have painted. It is Lord carver of the Farrow. A part of the Minion faction for Hordes.

I would talk about how I painted him, but I need to go to work now.


English Pillock

12 January 2011

Blood Bowl


After posting the Dark Elves up before Christmas I thought they they would have been finished before the New Year. Unfortunately I was hit by something horrible. I got hit by apathy. The Dark Eldar models are the main issue for this I think. They are really intricately detailed and for myself, who is not one for a lot of intricate painting is the main issues with them I think.

So running under the old axiom of 'a change is as good as a rest,' I have managed to build two more Blood bowl teams in the past two weeks.

The first team that I built was a Goblin team. I purchased a pair of metal Stone Trolls, a Fanatic plastic box and I went halves with a box of Night Goblins with one of the other gamers at Orctown. This gave me 2 Trolls, 10 Goblins, a Fanatic, a Looney (with a chainsaw on a chain....), a Pogoer (not on a pogo stick, but attached to a bounding squig) and a Bombadier. This is a good selection of Goblin grunts and positionals for a Goblin team.

The other team is Norse. I bought a box of Chaos Marauders and an Ogre Kingdom Yhetee. This gives me 8 or 10 Linemen, 8 or 10 positionals and a Yeti.

I got the Goblin team, just because. A team full of potential but also full of goo. I had a game with them on Sunday against a Lizardmen team being played by a Korean newbie. I scored first, then got 3 smashed in against my by Skinks. There were no casualties on either side, which was, strange, but they were a lot of fun. I need to check their rules a bit more though.

I haven't played the Norse on the table yet. I have played them a lot on the Blood Bowl game on the PC and they are really good. Then again I did start playing Ogres to start with...

Hopefully I will be able to get these guys fully painted soon. Hopefully before Sunday.

In other news, since I have been having sooo much fun pummelling the hell out of people in the Blood Bowl PC game I decided to get together all of the Blood Bowl gamers who go to Orctown and play as many games of Blood Bowl as possible. On Sunday, not only did we get 8 games played on two pitches, we also got some of the Koreans joining in as well. Something that they have talked about doing, but never done in the year that the game was available to buy at Orctown.
Due to the sheer joy of the carnage the remaining Sundays in January are going to be for the Korea Cup. Pretty much run as a basic League for Blood Bowl. Each player must play someone different in the League. The two players with the best 3 scores go into a final game for the imaginary cup. It has been so much fun and there are more people saying that they want in as well. If it goes really well I may try to get people to get teams sorted for a Summer tourney.

Anyway, I'll leave you be with my mindless ramblings.

Chat anon.


English Pillock