28 April 2014



 I have been busy, but just have been too wiped to post anything. Here is one of my latest projects.

 Tarakian Fleet for Firestorm Armada (this is a 500pts list Ganak Battleship, 3 Sulan Cruisers and 4 Tarl Frigates). I have an extra cruiser and an extra frigate not shown in this photo.
 This is part of my Kurak Alliance Armada. I have painted them in the same scheme as my Aquans and Xelocians as I am trying to have the Kurak Alliance vessels look more unified than my Zenian League vessels.

 My Kurak alliance vessels currently are:-

Tier 1
1 Tarakian Ganak Battleship

Tier 2
4 Tarakian Sulan Cruisers
4 Xelocian Hantari Cruisers
4 Terquai Makalau Torpedo Cruisers

Tier 3
5 Tarakian Tarl Frigates
12 Xelocian Karn Frigates

 This isn't much of a post, but I am going to slowly get back into the swing of things after a hiatus. Comments are welcome as always.


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