22 January 2013

Evolved Intelligence Assault Forces


Here is my almost completed EI models for infinity. I have an Avatar, Anathematic, Skiavaros, Ikadron and an Imetron (clockwise from top left).

A number of people have been appalled at my colour scheme for the Combined Army, but I like it to be honest. It is a matter of 'I can kill you while wearing anything. I am so secure with my superiority that I don't need to hide.'
Also it is funny when people get shot by something that is purple, pink and lime green.


English pillock

12 January 2013



 Last week a parcel arrived from my friend back in England.

 There was a rather large number of models and other goodies in the box.

Board, Rulebook, card counters, dice, Refbot, a team manager, 2 balls, acrylic counters, a roster pad and a trophy.

10 Corporation players (2 Guard, 4 Jacks and 4 Strikers)



10 Marauders (4 Orxs and 6 Goblins)

 (the yellow one is my current idea for the final paint job)

10 Veer-Myn (2 Guards and 8 Strikers)

 10 Forge Fathers (4 Guards, 4 Jacks and 2 Strikers)

Then there is a number of MVPs, John Doe, Number 88, Gorim Ironstone, Wildcard, Reek Rolat,Slippery Joe, Lucky Logan and the Enforcer.

 John Doe

 Number 88

Paint schemes are in the works.

Hope you like them.


English Pillock

03 January 2013

Bolt Action


It's been a while, I have been rather busy though. The following is my current Bolt Action British Commando force.

 The Entire force. 56 men split into 4 x 10 man sections (2 Sten, Bren), 2 MMG units (armed with Vickers machine guns), PAT section, sniper section, Forward Artillery Observer squad and the First Lieutenant section (Thompson and 2 Lee Enfield No4 rifles)

 Red Section

 Purple Section

 Lieutenant Squad

 Forward Artillery Observer

 Sniper team

 PIAT team

 Blue Section (above photo only)
 Orange Section

God Bless the twin Vickers!

The models are nice to put together and there is a monkey-butt-ton of options in each box. Just so you know these 56 models were from 2 Commando boxes (25 models in each box) and two Vickers HMG blisters. This comes to a total of about 1000pts, which is a normal sized game.

There are a few additions that I would like for this force. More Anti-tank options for one. The PIAT in the game has a very short range, as it should have, but I need to saturate targets with them.
A tank. I would like a Churchill Crocodile as it will advance with the Commandos and provide anti-infantry and anti-tank options.
A 17lber, not on a Sherman chassis though. There are a number of options in the British lists. A QF 17lber, a Challenger tank, Achilles tank destroyer and the Archer tank destroyer.

I will hopefully have more posts up soon. I have done a fair bit recently and have at least 2 more posts that won't take too long to do.


English Pillock