26 February 2013

Something hungry....


I have been doing a lot of work on my Ogres recently as I felt like I needed a change to my recent spate of painting. The Cookie Ogres are coming along nicely. More photos should follow before next week.

Comments are welcome.


English Pillock

14 February 2013

Rut No Mat Wa RaiZot De!!*

Greetings stinky humans!
This is the future of your worthless, pitiful lives! Death and slavery for the Glory of the Morat Supremacy!!! Oh, and the Evolved Intelligence!

The RaiZot (or Raicho, as it is called by forces from the Human Sphere) is a fairly average TAG. The main weapon is a multi-HMG and then there are two basic variants through a different secondary weapon system. One has a heavy flamer, which is never anything to stick your nose up at. The second has a heavy grenade launcher. Armour 8 and 3 structure points means you can expect similar from other no-frills TAGs in the same weight class. It is a little bit cheaper than similarly armed TAGs of the same weight class, although only by a few points.

The biggest thing it that the Morat Aggression Force can have two in their sectorial force. Taking two would be nice, but you can't have Imetrons in the Morat sectorial, so having two becomes more of a liability than a good idea. Cheap order ONLY happen in other factions. 
Lacking in any form of Camouflage or ODD (Optical Disruption Device) means that unless you are hugging cover or hiding in smoke, there are no penalties, barring range, to shoot at you.

It was a pretty simple TAG to throw together though. It did need the arms and legs pinning though. I made a mistake in not attaching the 'puppeteer,' arms on until last. This was a big pain in the proverbial... I was swearing like a sailor in Orctown trying to attach those little blighters!

The biggest issue with the model is that it overhangs the base. A LOT! Similar with the Jotums and Dragoes, it is in dire need of needing a 50mm or a 60mm base and not a metal addition.

Here are some close up shots.

No secondary weapon as I am looking at adding them with a pin and hole method of attachment.

Yes, I am a sad nerd who wrote 'RaiZot' in Morat characters. I think I slightly got the method of writing them mixed up though. It appears that each syllable should be written vertically, top to bottom, instead of horizontally. this way looks prettier though.

I played around with a fireball effect or similar on the barrel of the multi-HMG. It looks better in person than in these photos.

The hair was really easy to do, but it does make me wonder why all of the  Morat have 80's metal hair?

Hope you like it. Comments, as always, are welcome.


English pillock

* "Rut No Mat Wa RaiZot De!!" is Morat for 'My name is Raizot!'

04 February 2013

DreadBall: 2


I have been pretty busy painting the DreadBall miniatures that I have. I finally fixed my ideas of colour schemes for the different teams. Team names still elude me though.

The Veer-Myn team have been coloured with a neon-green, brown and gold scheme for their armour. The grey fur acts as a nice counterpoint to the armour.
Payback is done in MVP red armour. He looks nice and imposing. I gave him brown fur so he would look a bit different from the other Veer-Myn.


The Marauders were painted in a banana yellow colour scheme. They are obnoxiously bright compared to the other teams, even the Veer-Myn. They do need a bit more work though.
Slippery Joe has the MVP armour, but he has a lot more black added to it.

The Corporation team has already been covered in a previous post. These were the first team that I painted before Christmas.
Wildcard and Number 88, were painted with a simple MVP scheme with red as a spot colour over the primary.

The Forge Father team has yet to be finished. I went with a purple and gold or brass scheme. They need a lot more work to them as they just appear a little monochrome instead of having the variation I had wished.
Gorim Ironstone is painted in MVP colours using a much lighter scheme than the other by adding a pale red tabard.

The last three MVP's have been painted in the MVP red scheme. Lucky Logan is the only one who is having a major departure from it with him having silver armour and not gold. Logan and the Enforcer still need some work as far as I am concerned.

Oh, and if people are wondering why the hex bases are either red, yellow or blue, these are serving a double purpose. Firstly they denote the threat zones, secondly they denote the basic position of the player if the opponent is a little unsure of the models. Red is Guard, blue is Jack and yellow is Striker. There is also a number of bases that have green on them. These will be used if anyone manages to become a Keeper.

As always, comments are welcome.


English Pillock