28 August 2011

C is for Cookie.


Now I consider myself to be a relatively reasonable and pseudo-sane person, now before you look at the rest of the post, you MUST WATCH THE VIDEO. This will help you understand the following insanity.



Did you watch the video?


Fine. I believe you; thousands wouldn't!

I apologise for being rather quiet on the blog front, a hectic month of work and a need to get stuff done without documenting it has left me with a lot of things painted with only a few photos taken of them. I am putting up the project that I have enjoyed the most today. The Romans will come later.

Here is some of what I have been doing recently.


Here is a mess of Green-Stuff work. The head was done over the Irongut banner, and was done first. the googly eyes are 6mm ones from a hobby store near to Orctown. The cookies were individually made and added to the mouth with a generous application of super glue and patience.



He was a relatively easy paint job. Dark blue base, dry-brushed a slightly lighter blue, the given a blue ink. 
The cookies were painted black first. Then coated in a brown, then a light brown on top, then a dark brown for the chocolate chips.


Here he is in a unit of Ironguts. To tie in the Cookie Monster theme all of the Ironguts have Cookie Monster pelts upon their person.

I have many more photos, but I will save them for another post as this is already rather long.


English Pillock


I do not have the right to distribute anything related to the Cookie Monster. He is a product of Sesame Street, I am just having a laugh at my own expense.