21 May 2013

DreadBall Season 2: Z'zor and Buzzcut


Here is what I have been doing this past week.


Buzzcut is a MVP Guard, someone who hits people into paste. He is of unknown heritage, maybe Orx, maybe some kind of Ogre-esque breed. I like the look of the green better than the official model painting him as an Ogre.

Buzzcut and Z'zor

Here is the big green dude with the gribbly critters. Mantic made a packing error with the team for a number of people. Three Guards were in the pack I recieved instead of two and four Jacks instead of five.
The Z'zor are painted with a brown dermis and an orange carapace. The eye colour is different for the position that the model plays. Red for Guard, yellow for Striker and blue for Jack.

Me and my friend have started playing a mini-league on Sundays. Starting with the Sunday just gone. We have both played with every S1 team and I have played with all 4 S2 teams and he has played with the women. The S2 teams do require a bit more thought to play with, especially since, apart from the women, they are so alien to the S1 teams.

The Z'zor has him a bit worried though. We played a Marauders vs Z'zor game (using SP201.b), and the Orx took a hell of a beating. I managed to drag out the score due to hitting things and being incompetent. I finally scored around turn 11, leaving him two rushes to score, which he did. I have never seen the Orx take such a beating from any other team. I didn't cause any deaths, but for about 4 turns he had only a single Orx on the pitch and there were none on the pitch for two turns... 
The Z'zor Guard is insane to start with, but having two in the starting team...

Not that I am really complaining though.

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English Pillock

10 May 2013

Blu'Phin'Tu Na and the Boys.


I had meant to put this up last week, but a hectic teaching schedule and a mess of reports delayed it. Here are all of my current Tau in various stages of painting.

Shas'El Blu'Phin'Tu Na
Squad Sal'Mon
Squad Had'Ok
Riptide Kod
Hammerhead (incl. Longstrike)

The paint scheme is a mix of reds and oranges, using green as a spot colour and purples for the lenses. There is a gold/bronze used for certain areas too. 

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English Pillock