09 June 2013

Fish and Ships


Been having a hell of a busy fortnight at work, hence a lask of posts. I have bee painting though.
Here is my current fleet for Firestorm Armada. My fleet is from the Aquan Sebrutan, and they are fish people... well aquatic sentients at any rate (their species includes whales, dolphins, humanoid water breathers, crabs, lobsters, squid-thingys and more. Just don't mention a smorgasbord...).

The paint scheme is more or less sorted out. The hulls are painted in a variety of purples and greys, and are washed with a purple ink. the weapon crystals are the reddish orange blisters and the engines will be a two tone blue, when I get around to finishing them. 

The ships, on the whole, are simple to put together. Unlike most of the other faction fleets, the Aquans are mono-piece. In fact, the only multiple piece vessel that I currently have is Zoidberg.... ahem... the Medusa Class Dreadnought (the big, tentacled monstrosity).

 Fleet overview
 Manta Battle Carrier. This is kind of like the Battlestar Galactica
Medusa Dreadnought. This is like the Battlestar Pegasus
 Poseidon Battleship. Hits similar to the Manta, but with a much reduced strike craft compliment.
The three vessels on the left are called Stingray Class Destroyers, The central three are Storm Class Cruisers. The three on the right are called Tsunami Class Heavy Cruisers and the six minnows at the front are called Piranha Class Frigates.

The Fleet's basic characteristics is a mass of broadside power from close to medium range, backed up with a mess of torpedos and strike craft. The vessels are pretty fast and they do tend to attack like schools of fish. Swarming their opponent and shooting from every angle. 

the only flaw I have with the Aquan ships is that they are rather insubstantial compared to the other races. the Poseidon is 13 and a bit centimeters long, but that pales in comparison to the vessels of the Dindrenzi. The design of the MkI vessels aren't as good as the MkII either. When the starter fleets came out in Orctown all of the other fleets were snapped up quickly, apart from the Aquans. I hope that this will not be a sign of things to come.

Comments are welcome.


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