26 July 2011



No more posts for the prior campaign turn. Nor is there a turn 4 as yet due to HK being 'touched by Grandfather Nurgle,' his words, not mine... I must also apologise for any disturbing mental images given to people.

Since HK was out of commission me and Chad had a pair of Hail Caesar games. 260+ Celt models against 108 or so Romans. We had a hell of a lot of fun, but since we were both much more familiar with the Black Powder rules we kept on getting some of them mixed up.

Until me and Chad have another game I'm not going to post what happened and suchlike. There will be some photos (see the post script) of the sheer absurdity that was the armies if you look at them from a Warhammer Ancients perspective, but from a historical perspective it is much more accurate.

Here are several Romans I have finally gotten enthused to paint due to Hail Caesar. Well the MAXIMVS and PLVTO were painted about a month ago.



English Pillock


18 July 2011

HUGE PHOTO ALERT!!! WAB Campaign Turn 2 and the photos I have of turn 3. Part 1


First off I will apologise for the sheer enormity of this post and the mass of photos.

The Remainder of Turn 2

At the end of turn 2 we had a pair of conflicts, both involving the belligerence (or lack thereof) of the Höchster Kaiser der Deutschen (or HK as we know him in real life). His first game was against Hertog van Tsjaad (or Chad in the real world). The Kaiser failed to seize the initiative and the invasion of Hertog van Tsjaad managed to push the Kaiser's forces into retreat.


The second game was between the Kaiser and the forces of Mohammed Gaddafi al Sa'id Ibn Ibn. The Almohad forces, intent upon taking prisoners to work in their multi-storey hotels, smashed into the Kaiser's lines and outmanoeuvred his plodding forces.

HK lost both active field armies so he was forced to create another as his last action of turn 2.

At the end of turn 2 I failed to do my third move as talk of how to make the actions used per campaign turn take a single day to resolve.

Campaign Turn 3

Campaign turn 3 had a few alterations afore we got to the stabby-stabby-killy-killy parts. The Campaign turn phase now has only two actions instead of three, which increased the speed of the turn resolution. 

The first game was the glorious forces of the Kaiser invading Hertog van Tsjaad in an attack of REVENGE!!!!! The Kaiser smashed into the forces of the Low Countries. Hertog van Tsjaad and removed the chips and mayonnaise eaters from their land.

A most memorable note from this battle was the heroic actions of the hand gunners. The hand gunners managed to break a unit of Whitehoods and cause a hell of a lot of chaos in the lines of the Low Countries soldiers.
The smiling assassin on the left is the Höchster Kaiser der Deutschen (HK). the guy on the right is the Black Prince of the English Expeditionary Force (me)

 After this battle was concluded the forces of the English marched into the Territory of the Almohads.The English deployed in a massive battleline, while the Almohads hid like the cowardly curs that they are. 

The Almohads surrendered the initiative  to the English and a re-distribution of English lines brought the cavalry to the fore while the spear armed infantry plodded forward. 

On the left is the Black Prince Expeditionary Force (me) arrayed against Mohammed Gaddafi al Sa'id Ibn Ibn (Jude, aka the boss of Orctown)
 The Almohad's responded by sending their mercenary Christian shock-cavalry moving to smash into the English lines. Volleys of archer fire were exchanged then the Christian cavalry charged the mounted Men at Arms, who launched a counter charge of their own. After the clash the Christian knights failed to smash through the English knights and they fled the combat not exactly as proudly as they entered it. The English cavalry sauntered after the fleeing knights.
The English cavalry thought that it would be a good idea to charge into a mass of Muslim infantry...
This wasn't such a good idea, but archer fire into the combat weakened the Muslims enough that they were broken and pursued after a protracted combat. The English cavalry managed to pursue past the waiting unit of Black Guard while the archers made the other Muslim units into pin cushions.

The Muslims retreated leaving the English in control of the field.

The third, and final battle of turn three was between the forces of Hertog van Tsjaad and the Almohads. Hertog van Tsjaad invaded the Almohad territory and failed to do anything constructive apart from losing. The Almohads managed to crush the ambitions of the Low Countries with little effort.


All in all the campaign is going much smoother than I had anticipated. Everyone is enjoying the campaign and no one feels as if they are being picked upon or victimised. We have got another three Campaign turns to see if we can keep this optimism up though.

We are already talking about the next campaign. Dark Age Britain or Classical era appears to be the most obvious choices for the players currently.

I will try and get a map image prepped for the next post to you can see the craziness that is the campaign map at the moment.


English pillock.