23 September 2011

Firebelly, Cookiehorn and 'Something hungry, this way comes...'


Here are my current projects.

1) The Cookiehorn.

This beastie can be used for a Thundertusk or a Stonehorn. I have left the back of the Cookiehorn un-glued so that I can switch between the two different types of unit for the model.

 'You haz COOKIES!!! Can I haz one?'
 'AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Mouses etted my COOKIES!'

2) Something hungry this way comes... and the Firebelly

If you are an Ogre player you should know who this guy is meant to be.

  Size comparison with the Firebelly.
Firebelly reverse.
 Firebelly with flash.
 Firebelly without flash.

Something hungry this way comes is going to look like a Cookie Monster dragging a bowl of cookies. I only have a quarter of a pack of Green Stuff, and currently have the flu (thank you Korean children who are unaware that COUGHING OVER CHRISTIAN TEACHER DOESN'T MAKE HIM HAPPY!!!!). I am going to try and get the basic head and top of the torso done tonight.

Enjoy and comments would be nice(please check my rules when you comment though).


English Pillock

19 September 2011

On Muppets, we RIDE!!!


Here is my Mournfang Cavalry WIP photos. I have shown these to a few people and needless to say their heads almost exploded. The weakest one (and my first) is the one with the blue paint on him. His eyes are too far apart and his neck isn't as thick as the others. I may go back and re-do him though.

 'Wot 'chu lookin' at?

 'I can haz cookiez nowz?'

Comments upon them are most welcome. I will say that I managed to do all 4 of these in about 3 hours. The blue one taking an hour by himself, and I still couldn't get him right. Ho-hum...


English Pillock

18 September 2011

Cookie Ogres Photo-dump


 Here are my Cookie Ogres so far. I apologise for no WIP photos, but I was inspired and was on a roll when I was painting and Green Stuff-ing them.

 Gonzo the Great is the Bellower for this unit. The Thunderfist is the one with the Cookie Monster fur draped over the barrel.

 I kinda messed up on the Green Stuff-ing here. The pelt was too wide and it didn't look like it was a cloak. So I peeled part of it back. It looks like a freshly skinned pelt.

 Kermit hiding from Miss Piggy.
 I couldn't find googly eyes small enough for him...


 'The hands filled with COOKIES compels ye!'
(And, yes, he does have a pocket with a cookie in it.)

'I can sees yous!'

Hope you like them. Comments on what you like, don't like with reasons would be great. I have more to make and my Green Stuff-ing is getting much better.


English Pillock