15 December 2012

Kombine 'Arvesta




'An today on Shiny Stuff, Big Mek Wurzel'z bestest eva kontrapshun...'


'Da teknikal spesiffikachunz be az follerz...'

'400 Angry Squiggoth Power Engine, Kustom red paint wiv flames, 2 big shootas, 2 rokkit launchaz, an' dere iz optionz fer Boom gun or Zzapp Gun (optionz may not 'appen. Dependz on 'iz mood y'see). Room for da boyz in da back ov it. And de peese de reziss tanse.... wait fer it... DA 'ARVESTA!'

'Da 'Arvesta iz a wunnerful fing to see in action. You got a Gribbly problem? Send in da 'Arvesta! Beakies killing yer boyz? Send in Da 'Arvesta! Pointy eared gitz shootin' yer lads from inna buildin'? Send in Da 'Arvesta! Blueskins making big holes in fings? Well it can't 'urt to try... SEND IN DA "ARVESTA!'

'Da 'Arvesta kombines spinny blades and rippy stuff into a wall o' death! It also 'as sum armz we nicked off of a Deff Dread so the cutty bitz can be lifted up an' down. We did this becoz it's funny watchin' sumfink run up stairz an' fink dey iz safe! Hur hur hur....'

 'Trakkz on da 'Arvesta let it go fasta on iffy ground, an' it makes it noisy so da uvver gitz can hear you comin' and deyz mess demselvez!'

'All ov diss fer da price of 12,000 teef. Extraz cost more. You get it when itz ready so SHUT IT AN' GIVE UZ YER TEEF!!! KALL 013 95 85 99!! Our Grot operatorz iz waitin' fer yer kall!




25 September 2012



2 posts in less than 3 days.... I'm rather shocked myself. As I mentioned before, I've just not been enthused to put things up here, even though I am playing and doing more mini-based projects.

DUST Warfare: SSU

 Familyski Photoski
 Chopperski fromski rightski
 Chopperski fromski frontski
 Chopperski fromski leftski
 Sovietski iconographyski
Moreski  Sovietski iconographyski 
 Koshka andski Gran'ma
  Sovietski iconographyski
 Chineseski Volunteerski
 Fakyeli Assaultski troopski
  Sovietski iconographyski
 Cigarski and Sovietski iconographyski
Unfinishedski Ohotniki

Sorry for the horrible faux-Russian.

It is a 250pts list that hasn't done too badly in the two games that I have used them in. The Chopper is fun and causes panic, but not a lot else.

Again they are painted with speed over looks in mind. SSU also gets red bases as the Axis have grey and the Allies green. It is just another thing to make them look different and to show that I'm not treating them the same as other mini games that I play.

I still have work to do on the vehicles and the Ohotniki, but that will be at a later date.

Comments are welcome.


English Pillock

23 September 2012

Farrow: Almost completed


Here are the Farrow that I have at the moment. I have only got 6 more models to finish painting. This shouldn't take too long, but I have a HUUUUGE case of 'Shinyitis'.


Warlocks and Warlock attachment.



Rear row, center and left need to be finished.

All of these porkers need finishing.


Butcher's Family BBQ pack... *AHEM* Family photo

Comments are welcome.


English Pillock