26 June 2011

Warhammer Ancients Campaign 26/6/2011


 I apologise for a relative lack of posts, I have been quite busy doing a number of things gaming-wise.

 Firstly I have been busy making (now finished Mk1.1) a Warhammer Ancients Campaign pack. I put the pack up on my blog a few days ago. I have been making my Bretonnians look prettier by basing them. Painted up a mess of Celts (no photos taken as of yet, sorry).
 I have also started a Warhammer Ancients Campaign at Orctown. We have four people playing including myself.

Black Prince Expeditionary Force - me, Hundred Years War English Continental Army.
Höchster Kaiser der Deutschen - HK, Holy Roman Empire later Imperial Army
Hertog van Tsjaad - Chad, The Low Countries
Jihad Army of Mohammed Gaddafi al Sa'id Ibn Ibn- Jude, Almohads

 We managed to get one campaign turn fully done today. 

Turn 1 of the WAB2 Campaign

 Jude and Chad beat the hell out of each other for control of D2 (the hex with a green and an orange flag in it). Jude won the initial skirmish. His all cavalry force didn't do that much damage, but they manage to score a decisive victory on turn 6 making Chad's peasant scum flee.

 Jude chose the Ambush mission for the second game. It appeared to be going well for Jude until some of Chad's handgunners smeared four of the Muslim interlopers through a single volley. Kebabs were had by all.

 In the third Game Chad chose the basic Battleline mission. He managed to move 3 units forwards as a reward for his success in the previous encounter. This didn't really help him. His army was plagued with bad luck and Jude's insanely lucky die rolls during the game.

Turn 2 of the WAB2 Campaign
 Now we are par-way through turn 2. We couldn't proceed any further due to HK having to go and attend a wedding (shame on him for having a social life while there is gaming to be done!). HK has to fight Chad AND Jude before we can proceed with the rest of turn two and move ahead with turn three. 

 Here are some pictures of the first game that Chad and Jude had.

'Right, now who needs a toilet break before we kill the infidels?'
'Ze river is unpassable, no? *$&%^#*@!' 
''Das Kaiser lied! CAKE IZ NO HERE!"

Here are some photos of the final game of Jude against Chad. 
'Ummmmmmmmmm...'    'Ummmmmmmmmmm...'
'For $4.99 Allah will save you!'
'Jaffar! I asked if you needed a bathroom break before we started!'
 'Ze pointy thingz, zey do nussink!'

The campaign will pick up in two weeks, if I'm lucky I may be able to make a pincushion out of someone's army.

We have also found out that while the narrative of the campaign, using three battles is lots of fun, it took a long time to do this, especially with HK's prior commitment of having some social graces. So we have decided as a group that if we just want a single battle with no funky stuff we can choose to do that instead. Other than that we had a lot of fun today. I just hope I can get stuck in next time we play.


English Pillock


More photos will hopefully be forthcoming soon of today's three campaign games.

05 June 2011



  I have been re-painting my Ogres and I went on a bit of a painting bender over Thursday and Friday and I decided to re-paint my giant. I've added a number of tattoos, cuts and bruises Hopefully he can fit in with my Orc and Gobbo army as well as my Ogre one.

  The photos are a bit off, but the lighting in my room is not too good at stupid o'clock in the morning.


English Pillock