23 March 2013



Here are all of the Orks that are finally painted. Deff Dread, Battlewagon, 8 Burna Boyz and 5 Boyz. I am currently working on 8 Lootas, which are about 40% done.

All of the non-Boyz units will be getting flame tattoos on them. I first did it so that I could hide my mistakes, but it could be done as an initiation rite or similar for fluff purposes.

 Family photo of all of the finished Orks so far.

 'Annibal and Face 

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English Pillock

19 March 2013

I will neva be a ballyreena, but I can krump stuff good!




'An today on Shiny Stuff, Big Mek Wurzel'z bestest eva 'nkounta sooot...'

Da Mek Too 'nkounta Sooot

Wot we 'ave 'ere iz a sooot powa'd by too 150 Angry Squiggoth Power Engines. Too krumpin' klaws, big shoota an' a kustom mega blasta.

'Ere we 'ave a semi-all-terrain walka, wiv obstakul remoovel fingz. It iz able to open anyfink, jus' don' expekt it to do serjury....

Da flamez arr extraz.'E iz a good runna, but you 'ave to be careful 'bout runnin' inta treez, or minez, or blueskin gunz....

'All ov diss fer da price of 6,400 teef. Extraz cost more. You get it when itz ready so SHUT IT AN' GIVE UZ YER TEEF!!! KALL 013 95 85 99!! Our Grot operatorz iz waitin' fer yer kall!




15 March 2013

Recently, I have been mostly doing.....


Here are some photos of my recent-ish efforts.

Ariadna, Caledonia: Cameronian (l) and William Wallace (r).

The Cameronian has come out looking more like a fox than a werewolf, but this is one of the complaints with the model in general. I think it is awesome, and I like the idea of it being more like a fox anyway. One of my more successful attempts at tartan and layering of orange and blue.
William Wallace is a nice little miniature. The tartan doesn't work on him though. I shouldn't have tried to put a red in with the blue. I like him otherwise.

PanOceania, Military Orders: Sepulchre Knight (l), De Fersen (r)

The Sepulchre Knight wasa lot of fun to do. I used masses of layering for the tabard and the heraldry. The blues need more work, but they are a damned sight better than I used to be able to do.
I have had De Fersen painted for a while. I tried to do a slightly different heraldry scheme on his tabard. There is an older Korean flag from the 1900's, with a different ying-yang pattern. I tried to emulate that and I think it came out well.

Black Powder: the King's Colours bearer.

This was a free miniature from Warlord Games for getting the Peninsula War book, Albion triumphant. It is a very nice model to paint, full of character.


Comments are welcome. Hope you like the pictures.


English Pillock