15 December 2011



Here is my current project for my Ogres.

My Inspiration.

The project becoming realised.

The first one so far.

Number two...

Number three...

The process isn't that difficult, it just takes a bit of time and effort.

I will hopefully be able to figure out how to do the dreadlocks before the weekend.


English Pillock

08 December 2011

Hey, hey, it's angry tridactyl monkeys..... with guns....


It's been a while and I was supposed to have put up a post with more Napoleonic goodies in it. Instead I have been painting some Infinity models pink and purple.

Here is a badly taken group shot photo. I do have another Morat model, but he came with a wrong piece. I'm going to bug Corvus Belli about that.

First off here are three Morat Vanguard Infantry. These guys are nothing too special. They have above average close combat ability and average shooting. these are pretty much used as cheerleaders (that is providing orders for the rest of the force). Although at 16pts each they are expensive in that regard.

Nest are the Kurgat Assault Engineers. The mammoth cannon is a portable autocannon. Damage 15, burst 2, AP+EXP. If the Kurgat can hit with it not many things are getting up again. A shame that they look very heavily armoured, but aren't.

Daturazi Witch Soldiers are rather juicy. Close combat orientated nutjobs with smoke grenades. I really need two more for two reasons. First off they are cheap. The cheapest model is only 14pts and secondly they can be formed into a link team.

Yaogat Strike Infantry. HERE COME THE VISORS!!! High close combat skill, above average ballistic skill, good armour, can be linked, multi-spectral visor level 2.... These guys are obnoxious. Shame that everyone else knows that and tries to kill them first if they are on the table.

Skiavoros, I've not played him yet, but he looks good. Plasma rifle option, and I do love this weapon. Can also be the lieutenant. Not too expensive either. I wish I could take more than one.

Finally the Anathematic. Not a TAG, but you could class him as a light TAG over the Heavy Infantry that he is. He is lots of fun to play with due to total optical camouflage, plasma rifle, valour: no wound incapacitation... You can stomp around the enemy lines with relative impunity unless visors appear. He also has a mono-filament weapon for ripping through things in close combat.

I am liking the change from Pan Oceania. I still have something similar to the Knightly Order's religious rule (I won't run away. You have to kill all of us), and high close combat skill (although I've never got into close combat. EVER). the changes are I get different shinies. If I don't go Morat Aggression Force I can include the Anathematic and the Skiavoros which gives me access to plasma and even a sepsitor. I have also had the chance to paint an obnoxious paint scheme.

Overall they are a lot of fun, but I need some jump infantry for them.

Hopefully I'll throw up another post soon.


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21 November 2011

Wellington and Picton


 Here is Wellington (left)  and Picton (right), painted and based. I'm not quite happy with Wellington's horse colour, but I'm leaving it be.

 Oh, and due to the sheer horror of some of my friends I have purchased several yellow paints. Although I'm not a fan of hearing that it is a harder colour to paint than white. I'm going to try and get a unit of French line painted for the weekend for a game against an American friend of mine. Hopefully I will be able to stop his force of Spanish and British.

Photos, army lists and battle report hopefully will go up on the weekend.


English Pillock

15 November 2011



It has been a while since I've posted anything, but I have had about a month sabbatical from posting. No idea why, but I think an elusive camera might have been one issue and me not painting much being the other.

Recently the Waterloo rules from Warhammer Historical has been on my mind a lot. I've had two games using the rules. one at 1100pts and one at 1500pts. I have bought a multitude of extras for the French and the British forces that I already had. 

Here is Uxbridge, Wellington's second in command during Waterloo. There are a few things wrong with him. His sash and cummerbund should be yellow with a red stripe through the middle, all that is orange on him should be yellow and it should be a leopard skin on his horse not a tiger.
Reasons why, I have no yellow paint. The green and red sash and cummerbund break up the orange and blue, and I like tigers.


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12 October 2011



 This post has been a long time in coming, and I apologise for that. Here is some more work on the Cookiehorn and 'Something Hungry This Way Comes...'


I've not done much to this model to be honest. I have drybrushed the cookie horns with Dark Flesh (GW) so it fits with the other cookies in my Ogre force. I also added a Baal Red (GW) wash over the flesh coloured bits so it looks like freshly caused damage to the Cookiehorn's flanks. I went over the shields with Badab Black (GW) to give them a bit more definition. I will be adding a brass or bronze to the raised patterns to give it a bit more colour.
I smellz cookiez on you! WHERE IZ DA COOKIEZ???!!!???
WHERE IZ DA COOKIEZ? Over here? Nope...
Over here? Grrr.....
...cookie...? sniff

Something Hungry This Way Comes....

Something Hungry This Way Comes. This guy has been so much fun to do and to annoying at the same time. He is enormous. I mean he towers over the plastic Ogres and he is bigger than the recent character models.
His right arm has been done over the past day. It does have the lack of definition that Cookie Monster has, but I will be poking around with the GS a little bit later when the Green Stuff has hardened a bit more.
The Gnoblar on his head is waving a cookie in his field of vision goading him towards the enemy. He also stops the big ol' monster turning round and tucking into the big stash of cookies behind him.
The Gnoblar on the bowl is going to have a cask of milk pouring it on the cookies.

 I thought that there were more cookies in here....

Enjoy. I hope that I will be able to put more posts up in a more regular fashion in the future.


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23 September 2011

Firebelly, Cookiehorn and 'Something hungry, this way comes...'


Here are my current projects.

1) The Cookiehorn.

This beastie can be used for a Thundertusk or a Stonehorn. I have left the back of the Cookiehorn un-glued so that I can switch between the two different types of unit for the model.

 'You haz COOKIES!!! Can I haz one?'
 'AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Mouses etted my COOKIES!'

2) Something hungry this way comes... and the Firebelly

If you are an Ogre player you should know who this guy is meant to be.

  Size comparison with the Firebelly.
Firebelly reverse.
 Firebelly with flash.
 Firebelly without flash.

Something hungry this way comes is going to look like a Cookie Monster dragging a bowl of cookies. I only have a quarter of a pack of Green Stuff, and currently have the flu (thank you Korean children who are unaware that COUGHING OVER CHRISTIAN TEACHER DOESN'T MAKE HIM HAPPY!!!!). I am going to try and get the basic head and top of the torso done tonight.

Enjoy and comments would be nice(please check my rules when you comment though).


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19 September 2011

On Muppets, we RIDE!!!


Here is my Mournfang Cavalry WIP photos. I have shown these to a few people and needless to say their heads almost exploded. The weakest one (and my first) is the one with the blue paint on him. His eyes are too far apart and his neck isn't as thick as the others. I may go back and re-do him though.

 'Wot 'chu lookin' at?

 'I can haz cookiez nowz?'

Comments upon them are most welcome. I will say that I managed to do all 4 of these in about 3 hours. The blue one taking an hour by himself, and I still couldn't get him right. Ho-hum...


English Pillock