30 July 2013

Fish and Ships II: Revenge of the Haddock


It has been a long time since my last post as the busy workload that I mentioned about in my previous post has increased (.....yayyy.....).

Here are my latest offerings for the Aquan Sebrutan Fleet.

Tsunami Heavy Cruisers
These vessels are bruisers. They work better in a full shoal of 4 as they can target enemy vessels with silly amounts of firepower and they each have a shield, which can stop some of the incoming fire from becoming too hideous. They can also take a lot of damage as they have 5 hull points instead of the normal 4 for cruisers.

Poseidon Battleship MkI 
The Poseidon is a pretty good workhorse for the fleet. It is fast and has a relatively high damage and critical rating with 2 points of shields in tow. The torpedoes and mines are a nice addition too, but I need more luck with them.

Manta Battle Carrier
This vessel makes the Poseidon look like a girl. Better firepower, more hull points and carrying 9 wings over 3 for 30pts more. The benefit to having both in one list is that the Manta's cost comes out of the Carrier allowance and not the Battleship allowance, so I can have both, whereas other fleets have to choose.

Storm Class Cruiser
These are a joke, and not a good one. You have to get within 8-16" to do any good with your weapon load and that means that if you don' kill something pretty damned fast you will lose some of these to the enemies retaliation. No shields and a low damage and critical rating means that these are only taken if points or numbers are neeeded.

Xelocian Hantari Cruisers
Oh these ships....

I have wanted to get these since I first saw them, years ago. Their stats are not bad for their price of 65pts. Long range torpedoes. close to medium range boresight forward guns, and slightly weaker broadsides. But the caveat to the vessel, 2 shields. These things shrug of damage like no ones business.

Now the only issue that I have with them is their constrction. The engine and main hull is resin. The orange/red energy thingy in the center is plastic, bit the rest of the model is metal. This thing is rather over-balanced. And getting the three metal strips to match up in actuality and not just by eye was a pig.

I would still like two more though.

Comments are welcome, as always.


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