25 April 2011

Piggies vs Trolls


I had a few good games over the weekend, but I only took photos of one of them unfortunately. 

My second game was the last game for one of my American friends since he is leaving Korea. He wanted to see how the piggies could do against a kind of Troll Brick. It didn't do too badly.

I had;

Mad Science Tier 1

Dr Arkadius (+6)
3 War Hogs (3 x 7)
2 Gun Boars (2 x 5)
Rorsh and Brine (9)

Total= 34

He had;

Madrak Prime (+6)
Mauler (9)
Impaler (5)
10 Kriel Warriors (6)
+ UA (2)
+3Cabers (3)
5 Champions (10)
Fell Caller Hero (3)
Champion Hero (3)

Total= 35

We were playing Killing field and afore anyone asks, I lost by scenario (7-3).  I'm not going to do a blow by blow account as it was a long game and I was totally knackered after playing.

A couple of notable things is that Brine can become a complete and utter monster. If I had used Carver he'd have been much worse. He did manage to rip apart a Mauler in two blows, after a 6 damage shot from Rorsh, which was impressive.

I had to try for a caster kill against Madrak with 2 Fury, Scroll and being completely unhurt. I managed to deal 17 damage on the first cleave, then I just couldn't do anything else to him. The Impaler took 14 damage, then he scrolled then I ran out of fury. Ho-hum.

There are more pictures of the Piggies than the Trolls for two reasons,. First off they were taken by me with my camera, secondly whenever the Trolls did anything both of us were too focussed with dealing with the situation to take photos. Hope you like the photos.


English Pillock

19 April 2011

PanO, Butcher and a post a week


 Here is my Aquila Guard with a HMG. He is one rather scary guy in game. If he had camouflage or an ODD he would be insane. The jacket was annoying to do, but it worked out well.

Here is the Butcher. He was really fast to paint I was thinking of doing a massive blood spatter on the axe, but I was unsure about having more red/crimson on the model as he already has a lot.

I have also managed to get 52 posts in a year, so woo me! Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up in the future.


English Pillock

Gobbo test models.


Here are the first few Gobbos that I have finished at the moment.

I'm liking how they have come out. They look good with the other spiders that I have already done.


English Pillock

15 April 2011

Rorsh, BBQ and 50 posts.


Here is Rorsh and BBQ. Rorsh is paired up with Brine while BBQ is the leader of the Bone Grinders unit. I am going to name the bone grinders after sauces. Hopefully I will finish off the three remaining Bone Grinders before the weekend is out.

50 posts, well this has kinda snuck up on me. it roughly averages out as a post a week. If I manage to get a further two posts afore the 20th then I have managed to post one a week. I will only put up a post if I have painted more than a single 28mm infantry miniature or thrown together another scratch build miniature.


English Pillcock

14 April 2011

Gammon and the Baconettes


I have finally finished of the third War Hog, Gammon. Again he has Danish branded on his shoulder and I will admit that he isn't as well painted as the others. I also messed up with his first skin tone. He ended up looking like he had the skin of a Vietnamese pot-belly pig. It just didn't gel with the other Baconettes.


English Pillock

11 April 2011

More Warmachine/Hordes photos


Here are some photos of my more recent painted models.


I'm not a fan of the model pose. The entire model is balanced on a single trotter and there is a lot of weight above it. It wasn't too bad to paint, but the mass of flesh was hard to deal with.

Gun Boars

Sausages (the Gun Boar on the left) was my newly painted Gun Boar. Pork Scratchings was painted a few months ago. His skin is much darker than Scratchings, but I always like my sausages to be a bit crispy on the outside.

I only have a War Hog, Rorsch, 2 Razorback teams, two squads of Brigands and a squad of Bone Grinders left to paint. The War Hog, Rorsch and the Bone Grinder leader is par-painted.

Retribution Mittens

I really don't like painting white. It is a horrible colour to get right and I don't want to get "Eavy Metal Syndrome," while I'm painting. The red and orange combination are nice and the purple as a spot colour works well as it is different enough from the others, but still fits.

I'll try to paint a lot more models this week putting up posts after I have completed some more of them.


English Pillock



Now for the arachnophobes out there, sorry for no prior warning. Here is my recent collection of gribbly thingys.

I have two of the big spiders and 40 spider cavalry. Since I am having all of my  without any Goblins on them I have got 40 Forest Goblin infantry from the Spider Riders, and 18 Forest Goblins from the two Arachnarok. 

So at the moment I have 2 Arachnarok (one Lord, one Rare), 40 Spider Riders, 2 Rock Lobbers, 50 Forest Goblin infantry including a BSB, 2 Shamen and an extra Goblin Hero. I can make about 2500pts with them.

Oh and regarding my last post with the weird photo orientation, my camera croaked. Died. Kaput. Defunct. Buggered. This was taken with my new camera. I'll take new ones of the piggies later.


English Pillock