18 July 2012

Recently I've been mainly doing....


Not posted in a while, but I have been doing a fair amount of painting on a number of systems recently.

Hordes: Farrow

Here is the third Warlock for the Farrow, Sturm and Drang and a Warlock attachment called Targ. S&D was a lot of fun to paint. There is a hell of a lot of detail on him though. the fluid canisters on the back of him were really enjoyable to play with.  There was some annoying flash on the model though. 
Targ was simple to put together, but he was a lot of fun to paint.

Warhammer 8th: Mountain Chimera for the big spell for Beasts

This beastie is available through the Lore of Beasts. It has one of the highest damage potentials in the game and I have been using the Lore of Beasts a lot recently because it turns Ogres into an even more insurmountable object than they are with the Maw spells. I painted it mainly with the new yellow and orange inks (Casandora and Fuegan respectively). I added the brown arrows to it to show that it is generated through the Transformation of Kadon spell.

Terran Empire: Subjugation Class Command Cruiser (AKA: Federation Constitution Class Command Cruiser)

This has painted for the GLORY OF THE EMPIRE! The Romulan and Klingon cowards shall quake at our might!

If you have a look at the previous posts about the Trek ships, I have managed to replicate a similar scheme through luck and chance over an easy recipe.

Blood Bowl

I have also made a brand new Vampire Blood Bowl team, but that won't make an appearance until I visit my friend's apartment on the weekend.
Speaking of Blood Bowl...
The aforementioned friend and myself have taken to playing Blood Bowl 7's on Sundays. We are using a Narrow Tier Blood Bowl lists through a Danish chap (http://www.plasmoids.dk/NTBB.pdf) who wants the Blood Bowl teams to be a bit more in line with each other.
We have made a few alterations to the rules and added some limitations to the teams. Any positional amount is halved rounding up( so lizardmen can have up to 1 Kroxigor, 3 Saurus and as many Skinks as wanted). 
Rerolls are limited to 1+ tier number. i.e. Tier 0 can have 1, Tier 1 can have 2, etc...
All injuries are healed automatically, but the player must miss the next game.

I have taken Ogres, Lizardmen and Vampires. My friend has taken Dark Elves, Chaos and Goblins. 

Game 1 Ogres vs Dark Elves. 1:2
Notable moments-
Ogre scoring after catching a Gnoblar pass on turn 2.
A thrown Gnoblar hitting a Dark Elf who was sitting in front of the touchline on turn 7.

Game 2 Lizardmen vs Chaos 2:1
Notable moments-
Minotaur going Wild on Turn 1 then smooshed by the Kroxigor.
Kroxigor going on a rampage for the next 5 turns, blitzing once a turn and nuking everything.
Skinks mugging a Chaos Warrior.
A Beastman winning a 2 dice my choice block.

Game 3 Vampires vs Goblins 2:0
Notable moments-
The Vampire eating one of my ball carrying Thralls before a TD.

I hope to have photos up about the BB7's next time.

Hope you like the photos.


English Pillock