29 December 2010

Blood Bowl: Dark Elf Blitzers


Here are the first two Dark Elf Blitzers that I have finished painting. These models take a hell of a long time to paint due to their detail. I can see why a lot of new gamers will steer clear of the Dark Elf range. They are pretty, but they aren't for the novice.

Hope you like them.


English Pillock

20 December 2010

Cygnaran Warjack: Cyclone


I have finally gotten around to taking some photos of the fully painted Cyclone. It is painted pretty simply. I only used 3 foundations (Mordian Blue, Necron Abyss and Hormagaunt Purple), 3 metals (Boltgun, Chainmail and Shining Gold) and 4 inks (Baal Red, Badab Black, Gryphonne sepia and Devlan Mud).

The copper colour is what I'm most proud of, although it took a lot of messing about to achieve it.

i) Black undercoat (already done on the model).
ii) Shining gold. This needs two coats as it is pretty hard to get good coverage over the black.
iii) Baal Red. Go with me here.
iv) Gryphonne sepia.
v) Devlan Mud
vi) And finally a thin coat of Badab Black.

This is a rather disturbing change for me. I don't know when or why it happened but I am starting to play around more with the paints and improving my techniques. I'm still a lazy painter most of the time, but I am starting to mess around more.

Hopefully I might even learn how to do human flesh properly.


English Pillock

14 December 2010

Blood Bowl


Here are some photos of the Blood Bowl teams that are either finished or being built.

Dark Elf Team

These are made with a mix of the Wych and the Warrior boxes from the new Dark Eldar Range. They are a bit of a pain to put together, but they look decent enough.

Maxed out there are 2 Assassins (mirror masks), 2 Runners (green hair), 2 Witch Elves (pink hair), 4 Blitzers (fully armoured with enclosed helmets) and 5 Line Elves (blue hair and bald). Although to start off with the specialists will be Line Elves.

Lizardmen Team

The Lizardman Team has been up and running for ages. It only received it's final addition upon my return to Korea with the Kroxigor.

There are 6 Saurus, 12 Skinks and now a Kroxigor. Enough for a variation of the basic set-up and a few options for the team getting bigger and more advanced.

Khemri Team

The Khemri team was another team that I threw together quickly. There is a mess of Skeletons and the maximum numbers of each specials. I really like the four Mummies or Tomb Guardians (they have had their names altered with the new BB editions). The blue and red makes them stand out a lot more.

Ogre Team

The Ogres are my favourite team to play with. They are one of the hardest to play with but I have so much fun annoying the hell out of the other coaches when they lose team member after team member to Ogres tapping their players on their heads. Unfortunately they also get hamstrung with Bonehead a lot, but I have fun with them none-the-less.

I hope you guys like them. I will see about putting up a post about the Cygnar that I have recently been given to show you how they look.

Chat anon.


English Pillock

13 December 2010

Current projects


Again I apologise for not posting anything recently. I have been working on my miniatures though. I do have several projects going on at the moment.

1) Cygnar

I have been given a 25pts Cygnar warband from one of my American friends who is leaving Korea.

Prime Caine
Cyclone heavy Warjack
Hunter light Warjack
6 Gun Mages
Gun Mage Captain
6 Long Gunners
Longunner Command

They need to be re-painted and are being done so. A two-tone blue and a purple colour plates with copper, gold light and dark steel for the Warjacks.
The troopers will have khaki and leather brown added.

2) Greeks, Romans and Celts.

Celtic Warlord
Celtic BSB
88 Celts
3 Chariots

19 Praetorians
30 Legionary

51 Hoplites
16 Peltasts

Slowly going through the Celts first. Once they are done I'll be finishing the Romans. It is a simple scheme and should be quick to finish once I get in the mood.
The Greeks will be painted up as Spartans even though they have more generic armour and dress styles.

3) High Elves

I have backed off painting the High Elves as I have been thoroughly annoyed with the Phoenix Guard that I have recently purchased. They are insane to put together and to rank up. When you add in Caraydran he throws everything out. When I take a bit more time to get some of the other projects out of the way I will come back to them.

4) Dark Elf and Lizardmen Blood Bowl teams

I have been looking at the Dark Eldar miniatures and I have got a few of them and I have decided to get a box of Wyches and a box of Warriors to throw a team together. I have the two Assassins and a Witch Elf built. Going to throw more miniatures together soon. I'm only going to have 15 of them though.

As far as the Lizardmen team goes I have added a Kroxigor to the team. It is one of the older Kroxigor models put on a 40mm round base and re-painted.

5) Lizardmen

One of my friends got me a box of Temple Guard for Christmas. These are going to be made into a second unit of Temple Guard for my second Slann. I have had a look at the rules for 8th after I was planning to use 2 Slann in a 3500pts list. Since we are still limited to 12 power dice in a single magic phase.

Well this is pretty much all that I have going at the moment. A lot I know, but I have a lot of things to paint.


English Pillock

03 December 2010



Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt, Celt...


Here are 24 out of my 90 Celts. It has taken about 10 to 12 hours to do this little lot. A nice and simple colour scheme using foundation paints, GW metallics and inks.

The miniatures are really nice. Easy to put together and they look good. The only bitch about them that I have is that the boxes don't come with 20mm bases.

Not posting a lot, and I apologise for that. Trying to get back into the swing of things.


English Pillock