25 August 2012

DUST: The Axis Strikes Back...


Here is a mess of photos showing off my painted Axis models for DUST. I have got to finish off Lola and Helmut's weapons, but other than that I have 550pts for them.

 Markus, Sigrid, Lara and Angela

 Ludwig 'Totenkopf V'

 Ludwig 'Totenkopf V', Ludwig 'Klaus'
 Hans 'Helmut' and Loth 'Lola'
 Zombie, Kampfaffen, Zombies

Kampf Sturmgrenadier
 Aufklärer Sturmgrenadier
 Schwer Flak, Schwer Laser, Schwer Komandotrupp, Schwer Aufklärer Sturmgrenadier

Family photo

 Laser Grenadieren, who I forgot to take a separate photo of....

The bases are painted solid grey as an aesthetic choice. My SSU are painted red, and my Allies have a solid green base. Not my best paint job, I'm aware, but it is nice to just scream through the models and have a rather large force painted.

Hope you like them. Comments are welcome.


English Pillock

03 August 2012

The Bacon Nation strikes again!


I've been painting and playing a lot of Hordes recently. Also I've been painting a lot of the piggies as well. 

Fully painted piggies at the moment.

Warlocks:- Dr Arkadius, Lord Carver, Sturm and Drang
War Beasts:- 3 War Hogs (Gammon, Dry Cure and Smoked) and 3 Gun Boars (Spam, Sausages and Pork Scratchings)
Solos:- Targ, Rorsh and Brine
Units:- Brigands (English10/10, German 1/10), Bone Grinders (4/6 painted)

Models left to finish painting.
2 Razorback units(0/4), 9/10 Brigands (German), 2/6 Bone Grinders

If I get my act together I can have them all painted and based before Friday. Alas, I have reports and papers to mark for Thursday. 

I also played a 35pts game yesterday against one of my Columbian friends over here. I used a Tier 4 Carver list that was fun. Another victory for me (3 wins with the pigs in 4 games) and only my second game using The great baconator himself, Carver.

I took, Carver, Targ, 2 War Hogs, Gun Boar, 2 x 6 Brigands, Rorsh and Brine.

My opponent took, Kara Sloan, Hunter, 2 x 6 Long Gunners, Long Gunner UA, Gun Mages, Gun Mage UA, Cyclone (Marshalled), Aiyana and Holt.

The game didn't go too well for me at first. I lost 5 out of six of my advance deploy Brigand unit. A mistake of the rules on my part. I thought being in a forest gave a defence boost. It didn't.

The Gun Boar managed to kill the Jack Marshall after the Cyclone had tried, and failed, to hurt Gammon and Smoked. They were pushed back but that only delayed me a turn.

Turn 3 was the last real attempt of my opponent to kill carver. Sloan managed to do 9 points of damage, what was transferred to Dry Cure. The Hunter failed to hurt Carver.

My turn 4 was a lot more decisive. CRA'd the Hunter and removed 11 boxes with the Brigands. Carver came in and removed a long gunner and did a single point of damage on the Hunter. Then feated. Dry Cure moved up behind Gammon and cast his animus. Gammon used his aggression dial then charged between the hunter and the Cyclone to try and get Sloan. Popped the Hunter after boosting to hit. Moved 1" forwards due to Carver's feat then critically knocked down Kara then stomped her into mush. I would have done more, but I forgot that Carver's feat gave extra damage dice.

Carver's not bad, but I still like Arkadius more. Then again I've played with his a lot more often. I think that having a unit of Slaughterhousers and some Road Hogs will benefit Carver more.

 Gun Boar point of view turn one.
 Advancing bacon.

 Keep on target!
...wrong reference....
 Carver's battlegroup.
Dry Cure and Gammon hiding Carver and Targ.

I'll put up more photos later in the week. Heading into Seoul to have a nose at some of the museums. I may even go and see Batman again.


English Pillock