11 June 2012

DUST Tactics / DUST Warfare


Here are some of the Axis models that I have managed to finish painting. The bases have been re-painted a grey colour as it will allow them to be used for both versions of DUST. Also it is a part of the aesthetic with the bases that have rivets on them.

The colour scheme is based on the Axis flag in the DUST-verse. Vibrant orange is used as the spot colour.

Markus- Modified gorilla.

 Sigrid von Thaler- Homicidal maniac with a laser pistol

 Lara Walter- Loyal officer to the cause

Heavy Kommandotrupp


 Heavy Laser Grenadiers

 Heavy Recon Grenadiers

 Heavy Flak Grenadiers

Recon Grenadiers
 Laser Grenadiers

Hope you enjoy them. comments are welcome. I will be doing the walkers for the Axis soon. I'm struggling for ideas for the Allied colour scheme though.


English Pillock