11 May 2014



Here is another one of my recent fleets painted for Firestorm Armada.

The following species are called the Kedorians. These are for the Zenian League and they have a very different playstyle to the rest of the Zenian League. Their main weapons and omni-directional, but not turrets. They can put the same firepower out in all four arcs. All of their vessels have shields, a very rare thing in the Zenian League. The battleship, carrier and cruisers can use battle shunts (or they can purchase the upgrade). They move slowly in general, but with them shunting around the battle space can be very horrifying for opponents.

The above photo shows the SRS tokens (bottom left), Carrier (middle left), 2 Cruisers(center), Battleship (upper right) and 3 Frigates, (lower right).

The paint scheme is heavily based on metallics, because I haven't painted an army like that for a while. 

Comments, as always, are welcome.


English Pillock

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