15 September 2014



Here is a follow up on the Morkanaut that was painted a while ago.

Full view of the Morkanaut from the front. He has a similar paint scheme as to my other Orky stuff, so he has a pretty intensive red paint scheme and flames upon the armour plates.

A close up of the upper torso and the head. The flame decals upon the left  shoulder is one of the only ones that I am not a particular fan of. The triple flame doesn't look like it works as much as some of the others.

The skull glyph upon the belly plate was fun to do. The flaming green eyes add a nice spot colour to the front of the model.

Here is a closer look at the flame design added to the Kustom Mega Kannon. It is hard to discern the difference to the red due to the angle of the photo, but it was the flame design that I am the most proud of.

Here is the other side of the head. This is the Cylon-esque head. It isn't as good as the other side of the head though. It needs a jaw to go with it due to the amount of dead space  on the top of the belly plate.

Oh and by the by, the base isn't dealt with due to me not wanting to affix him to a base due to transport and storage issues.

Comments are welcome, as always.


English Pillock

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  1. Nice work, mate. Those green sensor units have come out well.